FOK!tipt: Burgundy Son & OTF, hiphop op hoog niveau

Even wat anders dan anders op de zondagmiddag? Dit kan daar wel even bij. We stellen voor: OTF (On the Fence) en Burgundy Son.

Of beter, laat het de heren zelf doen: "On The Fence (OTF) is a Dutch rapper and singer- songwriter from Venlo. Together with his in-house producer Youp he is releasing music on their Purple Planet imprint. When he was six years old he moved from Venlo to Prague where he attended an international school until he was thirteen years old. He moved back to the Netherlands, this time to study in The Hague. Now an Amsterdam resident. On The Fence has had a unique presence on the scene, and with a quick listen to his first few releases will give you a taste of what he is all about. In line with the current trend of merging genres, OTF’s sound is a hybrid of hip- hop influences and smooth R&B."

Samen met Burgundy Son heeft hij onlangs het strakke 'For Life' uitgebracht. Burdundy Son stelt zich ook even voor: "Disconnected from the real world, Burgundy Son cares about nothing but making good music and keeping himself 'on a level'. The music tells enough of a story, growing up on DMX with his father and Lisa Stansfield with his Mom, the clash of culture is heard in his flow. Working with his producer Youp under the Purple Planet banner, Burgundy brings a grime like cadence and a class-clown attitude to the world of rap. Speaking to the grime fans that can’t quite relate to that current environment."

Over die plaat vertellen de heren: "For Life represents the love for the moment. They bring a fresh mix of old and new school R&B to create a euphoric sound perfect to cruise and bounce too. The video clip satirises the message of the music by showing the most ridiculous cruise possible that shows that On The Fence and Burgundy Son are here for life!"