AI Picture Gallery #109

prompt: [Model: MidJourney] bioluminescent The Art and Science of Ernst Haeckel, drawings, watercolors, sketches, prints of various organisms published a world of microscopic organisms, botanical illustrations Haeckel are inspiring and remind us that the natural world is full of beauty and surprising discoveries, an unreal engine, hyperrealism digital art, digital painting, digital illustration, a world created with light, extreme details, lichens, mosses, insects, mushrooms, Beatles, snails Engraving with hand-coloring on watermarked paper, late 18th century, published by Cornelius Nozeman and Martinus Houttuyn, Amsterdam, 1770-1829; with mild toning, trimmed margins and some handling creases. Unframed. Sheet size: 419 x 279 mm (16-1/2 x 11 in), master pencils and watercolor and etching on paper etching made on high textured paper, highly detailed, beautifully color coded, triada colors, intricate details, beautifully color gradation, Unreal engine, photography, photo shoot, shot with 70mm lens, sharp focus, 32k, super resolution, Pro Photo RGB, VR, half backlighting, backlighting, natural lighting, incandescent, mood lighting, Cinematic Lighting, Soft Lighting, Accent Lighting, Global Illumination, Screen Global Space Illumination, Ray Tracing Global Illumination, Scattering, Glowing, Shadows, Ray Tracing Reflections, Reflections, Reflections, Diffraction Gradation, Chromatic Aberration, ultra high definition, artstation, Smooth, sharp focus, Photorealism, Photography, Realistic Detail, Depth of field, 8k, Full HD, 3d, Super resolution, octane render, award winning photo, shot on Canon DSLR, f/1.8 Long exposure, 25mm, v4 - ar 2:3 - p 800, chaos 49