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Gamesdomain heeft weer een paar reviews online gezet, waaronder Shadow Company: Left For Dead.

Deze RTS game van Ubi Soft valt best wel goed bij GD... Bijna een 'silver medal', maar door de zwakke AI niet. Ff opsomming: Graphics roelen, goede gameplay, leuke multiplayer games (ondanks dat er geen multiplayer maps zijn , maar wel coop dus!! Whee dat rulez ) en natuurlijk lekker knallen !

Hier ff een stukkie over de (zwakke) AI.

So it's a shame this diverse gameplay is marred by a few all too familiar AI difficulties. The enemy troops are, to be blunt, not exactly on Mensa's most wanted list. The root of the problem seems to be they are too reluctant to move from their ordinary patrol routes and start thinking for themselves. Such give-aways as coming across a big pile of corpses, or having your mate sniped just three feet away from you ought to cause them a little more consternation. Too often it is possible to find a tree to hide behind, wait for the next guard to come along, and stab him in the back as he passes your position. This can be repeated on the next guard, and the next, and so on. It is possible to move the corpses to somewhere out of sight, but there is really no point - the guards do not seem to notice the bodies. They also seem a little deaf, making the silenced weapons a touch less useful than they ought to be. Higher difficulty levels improve matters a little by making it harder to sneak around unnoticed, but the fundamental problem remains.

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