AI Picture Gallery #138 - Midjourney v5 is er!

prompt: ::0 A glamorous manhattan NYC π landscape under starlight, streetlights, and marquee lights at night in Times Square, bioluminescent streetstand π flowers, π shops and buildings, bioluminescent π people, lunarpunk, dark π bloomcore, π bokeh, murmurations of glamour glitz and starlight, hypermaximalism, hyperdetailed background ::4 Warm glowing blue and neon lavender light in the windows of multiple distant scattered towering π skyscrapers ::2 young streetsmart adult in the foreground facing the camera wearing a headpiece and also wearing perfectly π transparent holographic tech goggle displays displaying π on the lenses ::5 an elegant alluring adult is dressed in elaborate intricately handcrafted NYC haute - couture rococo glam boots with cramp - on microspikes, clothing, and elaborate maximal headpiece and π tech goggles that perfectly blend into the contents and texture of their surroundings, the perfectly round raytraced transparent holographic tech goggles display superimposed images in front of their eyes that were taken from rear view cameras, hypermaximalism, hyperdetailed, bioluminescent lunarpunk bloomcore ::5 street π flowers, π bokey embers, π bokey stardust, π bokeh glamdust, murmurations of embers ::3 Parameters | tilt - shift, wide angle, cinematic realism, bubbled translucent skin, volumetric lighting, asymmetrical, uncentered, off - center left ::4 Arts and crafts, symmetry, centered ::-1