AI Picture Gallery #138 - Midjourney v5 is er!

prompt: [Model: MidJourney] H ttps: / / s. mj. run/ QyJYlJ1AoJA Sunset, a pair of black and white kittens standing on their hind legs kissing, peach blossom, sunset, cute, fat, short legged mini American rag doll cat( kissing the other cat) , two cats hugging, bright big eyes, round head, short haired cat, round body, fluffy, full, winter, Changbai Mountain snow top, sunset, handsome and cute, happy, happy smile expression, sunset, bright color, natural light, simple background and color, surrounded by love, noble and elegant, exquisite, Incredibly detailed, realistic, realistic photography, macro lens, ultra realistic, 8K, 16K, ultra HD image quality V5