AI Picture Gallery #138 - Midjourney v5 is er!

prompt: [Model: MidJourney] colour photo, hasselblad - camera, shot on 90mm, a date with a supermodel in a french cafe, photorealistic full body photo, long brown hair, breathtaking femme fatale, wearing shiny reflective black pvc, latex, mesh, black mirror long jacket, fashion pose, shiny and glossy latex with breathtaking reflections, broken mirrors, movie - style hi resolution hdri, full body view, symmetrical face, intricate tousled hair, award winning photo for Vogue - latex - campaign by Nick Knight, photorealistic textures, mist, awe - effect, pbr - materials, cinematic, uhd, unreal engine V5, photorealistic style, extreme realistic, octanerender, 64 K, volumetric lighting, vray