AI Picture Gallery #138 - Midjourney v5 is er!

prompt: [Model: MidJourney] masterpiece,Highly polished gloss ,minimalist ,geometric concept style ,A high vivid glow translucent racing Rollerblades fused with biomimetic leafstripping layer macarons armor, futuristic industrial design, Leonardo Da Vinci style ,lab morning linght, anti - aliasing CGI ,ultra photorealistic + Hasselblad H6D + high definition + 8k + cinematic + vivid colorway + depth of field, high - end ,futuristic, epic fantasy, hyper realistic, detail 16k,s500,surrealistic, pentargram design ,abstract fashion style, futuristic ,film lighting + OC renderer + intricate + realism + maximalist detail + very realistic, - - ar 9: 16 - - v5 q4