AI Picture Gallery #113

prompt: [Model: MidJourney] dvd screengrab of 90s anime about a beautiful majestic ethereal dragon wandering through a fantasy wonderland depicting a mix of balance/entropy/mandelbrot fractals/recursion enchanted fantasy paradise whole body, graphic art novel, mystical setting, dynamic, wide shot, world building, highly detailed, concept drawings, hyper-detailed, ultradetails, magical, masterpiece, 32k, beautifully color coded, rich colors, hyper maximalist, vibrant colors, many colors, unreal engine 5, hd extremely detailed digital art, key visual, cover artwork, ultra-detailed, 32k, ultra wide angle, epic scene, epic perspective, epic composition, wide shot, cover artwork, magical background, spectral colors, neon, opal, hard cinematic lighting, epic cinematic lighting, raking light, very high detail, hdr, cinematic lighting, 8k, insanely detailed and intricate, perfectly - mid shot, ps5 atmosphere, no blur +4K UHD + artstation, octane render, rendered in pixar engine, anime style, Kyoto Animation, Katsuhiro otomo, Salvador dali, hypermaximalist, maximalist, elegant, ornate, hyper realistic, super detailed, intricate detail, HDR, extremely detailed, perfectionism, octane render, immersive, octane render, photoshopped, post-production, epic scene, Epic composition, epic perspective, epic cinematic lighting, photoshopped, super resolution, 12k, ultra hd, post-production, maximum detail, best image quality, quality 5