AI Picture Gallery #113

prompt: [Model: MidJourney] A powerful and majestic image captures a warrior dragon rider of Pern, sitting astride a massive dragon , three times the size of a warhorse, with two wings, keeping watch from the top of a high cliff in a wintery Iceland landscape. The photograph, captured by an acclaimed photographer, shows the dragon rider, bundled up against the cold in fur-lined armor, looking out over a landscape of stark and dramatic beauty. The dragon, too, is depicted in stunning detail, its scales glistening with frost and its two wings spread wide as it watches the storm below with its rider. The photograph immerses the viewer in the harsh and rugged beauty of the Iceland wilderness and the dangers that come with it as the dragon rider keeps watch. It showcases the close bond between the rider and the dragon, their ability to navigate the elements and the unique ability of the dragon riding culture of Pern