11 foto's van de sneeuwstorm in de VS

24568672395_a18d6f1ff0_b.jpgBlizzard 2016 by Samuel Walters, on Flickr

24459602902_99cbcc8b4c_h.jpgInto The Blizzard... by Lilia Alvarado, on Flickr

24569542305_b872d4920e_h.jpgEvening Stroll by Angel Beil, on Flickr

24272257150_fc131bb772_h.jpgNYC Blizzard 2016 by Litratistica Images NYC, on Flickr

24567483395_5ee8fe8c7b_o.jpgTimes Square blizzard by Donald, on Flickr

24485500271_573192f751_h.jpgNew York City - Blizzard 2016 - Jonas - Rivington Street by Vivienne Gucwa, on Flickr

24267180100_3a46ec29cb_h.jpgA lonely path. Snow Blizzard at Temple United Methodist Church by Jim Jannotti, on Flickr

24197091469_30b3cc4a4b_h.jpgCapitol Sledding by Rob Barthelmess, on Flickr

24484039131_6b87eb29f5_h.jpgNew York Snowmageddon 2016 by Andrew T, on Flickr

24526511876_f78cde8b65_h.jpgBlizzard of 2016 Pic #1 by Nathan Jones, on Flickr

24542806816_73d993dec6_b.jpgBlizzard 2016 by Forsaken Fotos, on Flickr