Clone Wars Adventures-uitbreiding op 15 december

Er komt een nieuwe uitbreiding voor Star Wars: Clone Wars Adventures met de naam The Battle of Umbara. De uitbreiding brengt spelers een volledig nieuwe combat zone. De releasedatum van The Battle of Umbara is 15 december. Een totaaloverzicht van de uitbreiding staat hieronder vermeld.

* Combat Abilities Destroy enemy droids, using:
- Weapon Attack uses players' default attack and will utilize the weapons they are equipped with.
- Force Attack is much more powerful and requires the use of Force Points
- a force that can only be used when fully charged.
* Mission Instances: Players will be faced with thrilling missions, if they defeat a boss they will be granted a unique item reward.
* Zone Events: Players will be able to participate in zone events, working together and creating a dynamic environment!
* Synchronous Multiplayer: Over-world zones will allow players the ability to tackle the droid threat together, letting in multiple people simultaneously.
* Mounts: Available for purchase in the marketplace, players can move quickly through Umbara on an AT-RT, Tauntaun, Speeder Bike or more.
* Collections: Each Combat Zone has 5 unique collections - by finding all the collection items in a set, players will obtain 1 piece of a unique zone-themed gear set (feet, body, hands, head or weapon).
* Destructible Objects: Players will be able to attack and destroy objects like crates, ship debris, or barricades found throughout the zone.
* Rewards: Players that complete all available content in the combat area, will be given titles, achievements/trophies, or furniture rewards when successfully completing events and story instances.

En hier is ook een previewfilmpje van Sony over de nieuwe combat zone.