Age Of Empires II: TAOK review @ GameSpot

Gamespot heeft een review online gepleurt van Age of Empires II: The Age of Kings. Dit is het nieuwste speeltje ontwikkeld door Ensemble Studios.

Dit spel is de voorganger waardig, het krijgt dan ook een 9.1.

Hier een quotje uit de review van deze RTS dat zich in de middeleeuwen afspeelt.

But Age of Kings makes good on the original's promises by providing a huge, branching technology tree and a correspondingly profound depth of gameplay that rivals virtually all similarly themed turn-based games. You must constantly reevaluate your priorities when gathering the game's four resources, since those priorities change as new technologies become available; and you must constantly make key tactical decisions based on the order in which you research particular technologies. You need to keep moving forward without spreading yourself too thin, although you're afforded some breathing time to get started early on since you can garrison your villagers within your town hall to defend against a preemptive attack. And yet throughout the game, Age of Kings' pacing is so fast and so exciting as to rival Blizzard's real-time strategy hits. Consequently, under no circumstances should you be prepared to win a war in Age of Kings without a fast hand on the mouse. But similarly, you're not going to win unless you think.

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